One week

Day 1

Brief, research & branding.

Day 2

Website & product development.

Day 3

Marketing & more development.

Day 4

Video, photography & even more development!

Day 5

Testing, legal & pitch to investors.

One team


A group of designers lead by our branding experts will develop the brand assets and marketing materials.


Our UI and UX group will plan and design the digital product.


Building the product in the short time frame sits with our developers.


Film makers will produce a promotional film for use in marketing the product and company.


At the end of the week there is a chance to pitch to potential investors to show off the new business.

One goal

Launch a digital business

The aim of the challenge is that by the end of the week, a business will be launched. The idea is to support start-ups that have an idea for a digital product to launch their business, but don't have the resources to make it happen. By collating a team of everyone you need to get a digital product launched; designers, developers, start-up consultants and more, the Genesis Challenge creates a strong team ethos with the goal of launching a digital business in just one week.


Want to get involved?

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